Our safe birth program is aimed at saving the lives of mothers and newborns by increasing the number of women who get prenatal and postnatal care and who give birth at the health facility with the assistance of a skilled birth attendant. In the region of Sega, over 40% of women deliver at home and maternal and newborn deaths are startlingly high. Through this program we work hand-in-hand with Sega’s public health facility to furnish and equip a maternity unit and promote safe birth in the community. The program reaches over 1,700 women of reproductive age and gives over 300 women and babies per year a safe place to give birth and to be born.

How do we help Sega’s health providers reduce maternal and child deaths and improve health? Once a year, we sit down with the health team to identify what they will need most in the coming year. We then use designated funds raised through the year to provide it. Throughout the year, we have monthly check-ins to discuss the month’s accomplishments, challenges, and how we can work together on solutions.