PROJECT 1: Desks and classroom projectors for nursing school

The local nursing school is growing! They are in need of 100 arm desks ($50 each) and 3 classroom projectors ($300 each).

About the school: The Mary Ann van Dam School of Nursing is located in the rural western region of Kenya, in a town neighboring Sega. The school brings high-quality nursing education to bright, motivated, local students, many of whom couldn’t afford the cost of studying far from home. Its program is recognized nationally and internationally and draws students from across Kenya. Beyond its focus on academic excellence, a particular point of pride for the school is what it brings to this remote, under-served part of the country. The school forms health professionals who, because they are local, understand the unique health needs of the community and at the same time, contributes to local economic opportunities and development.

The school was founded by partner Matibabu Foundation and is part of the Matibabu Foundation College of Sciences.