Our safe birth program helps save the lives of mothers and newborns by increasing the number of women who get prenatal and postnatal care and who give birth at the health facility with a skilled birth attendant. In the region of Sega, the rate of maternal and infant deaths are double the national average. Here, roughly 25% of women deliver at home without skilled care which contributes to the high rates of death.

In 2019, goal4.org teamed up with the Rotary organization and the County Ministry of Health on a project that upgrades the public Dispensary (only open during business hours to treat simple ailments) to a 24-hour Health Center with a full maternity ward and services. Rotary funds made the initial, physical improvements to the facility and the Kenyan government has committed to sustaining it going forward – with staffing, furnishings, equipment, and supplies. The construction work was completed in January 2022. Since then, the new maternity has been providing safe deliveries to more mothers and babies than ever before.

The staff at Sega Maternity have committed to building a culture of care, where every woman is treated with dignity and respect. Every staff member, from the gatekeeper to the medical professionals, has taken Respectful Maternity Care training which emphasizes how respectful, patient-centric service is everyone’s job. Mothers participate in an anonymous patient satisfaction survey before being discharged. Their feedback, both positive and negative, is shared with staff to reinforce what they are doing well and help identify areas of improvement.