Where We Work

Goal4.org works in the rural community of Sega, Kenya, a cluster of 18 villages with a population of about 10,000 located in the far western region of the country.

Kenya’s western region is poor, hard to reach, and has limited health services and educational opportunities. Most people rely on subsistence farming to feed their families and earn a small income to buy essentials like cooking oil, salt, soap, and kerosene to light their homes at night and to pay for essential services like school fees and medical care.

The mortality rate of children under five, newborns, and their mothers in this region is twice as high as the national average.

The Coronavirus has added another burden. Like many other African countries, Kenya has so far escaped the worst health effects of COVID-19, but the economic effects have cut deep. The World Bank predicts the virus will push an additional 23 million into poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. At the same time, aid organizations are finding themselves with less funding and are having to scale down or sometimes even entirely shut down programs that are so badly needed.

Goal4.org programs have been able to continue through the pandemic largely because they are locally run by a small staff, a large group of active, community volunteers, and donors who have continued to give through this challenging time. Together we’ve been able to continue bringing hope and change to mothers and children here in Sega.
See the biographies of our Sega Advisory Board to learn about their dedication to community service and their hopes for the future.